5th Grade STEM — Students Use Pop Culture “Escape Rooms” Concept to Learn Science

Fifth grade students at The Learning Center Charter School recently had to use their science sleuthing skills to “escape” from class.  That’s because science teacher, Jay Ward, along with School Success Coordinator, Cheryl Catuto planned a lesson to teach force and motion based on the pop culture “escape room” concept.


An escape room is a physical adventure game in which teams of players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to escape a locked room.  Escape rooms have popped up all over the country including in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

To learn about force and motion, students had to use the clues given to them to open a series of locks to a secret, hidden toolbox. They had to do everything from find the missing words while answering questions to decode clues using 3D glasses in order to find hidden messages and additional clues.

The lesson was concluded by conducting an experiment using Mentos candy and soda water to measure force and distance between variables.  Ward said, “The teamwork and excitement generated by the escape room activity had a huge impact on my students. The game aspect of it made it super fun and has cemented the science concepts into their brains.”

2nd Grade Learns About Martin Luther King, Jr.


Back in January, second graders spent a week completing a cross curricular unit on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Students completed a Lapbook Project as they learned about MLK, Jr’s impact on the Civil Rights Movement and the history of our nation. The students were fascinated as they learned that MLK, Jr. led peaceful boycotts, gave speeches and wrote books to try to get unfair laws changed.


Students now understand how MLK, Jr. helped change our world for the better and why we celebrate his life every January.

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SMF2018- FB Post

It’s that time of year again to showcase you makes at our annual School Maker Faire!

Our 2017 School Maker Faire was a huge hit! We featured a line-up of over 70 Makers – almost double what we had in 2016.

Visit our website to sign up to show your makes at our 2018 School Maker Faire.  Click >>>HERE<<< to be taken to the form to fill out your entry!

Student Run Business on Campus — Coffee Cart


Did you know that there is a student run coffee cart open on Friday mornings?  This coffee cart business is part of a combined functional math and social studies focus.


The business kicked off in late 2017. On Friday mornings, students use a Keurig to brew coffee and hot chocolate from 7:30 – 8:30 am in the Dining Commons. Each cup is $1.00.  The proceeds are used to sustain the business and hopefully fund a field trip at the end of the school year.


This business is giving students the opportunity to practice life skills such as social exchanges, taking orders, sequencing, taking money and making change.


Additionally, these young entrepreneurs are learning about collaboration across grades because there are two upper grades students who offer so much support with ensuring the coffee business goes smoothly!


This coffee business is teaching so much to these young students and is just another example of our school’s commitment to an E-STEAM culture.

Learning Nutrition


If you’ve strolled through the Dining Commons, you’ve noticed the bulletin board that features ever changing nutritional information for our students and staff. Recently, the board got a winter themed make over with help from students. Interestingly, one student wrote healthy facts on the snowflakes that she had learned from prior bulletin board information. Way to go nutrition staff and students!