Why We Encourage Collaboration Between Grades


We are proud to offer students a truly out-of-the-box K-8 education. Our learning space goes well beyond the walls of the classroom, and we strive to develop a strong sense of curiosity in our students alongside the importance of becoming life-long learners. This also means that we find opportunities to combine classes on special projects so that students are working with peers of different ages. After all, it is rare in life that you will only be with people of your own age!


These photos show third grade students working with kindergarten students.  Kindergarten students had been learning about penguins and taught the third graders what they learned. The third graders then helped brainstorm and develop penguin habitats according to the younger students’ ideas. Not only did this collaboration encourage team work, sharpen problem solving and compromising skills, but students also had fun!

Living History Museum


Back in May, upper grade students “opened” a Living History Museum to the younger grades. These older students each selected a historic figure and not only presented information about that person, but dressed like them as well. They essentially became that historical figure.


For this project, these upper grade students had to synthesize the information they learned to create an exhibit representative of their subject. In order to select pivotal events or recreate significant circumstances in an individual’s life, students had to research the person but also critically evaluate the people, places, and events surrounding them in order to develop a powerful exhibit. Deciding on a format, selecting key material for younger students to understand, and putting it all in context required active learning and encouraged creative interpretation. As they worked, students needed to understand the subject and the world in which he or she lived.  Additionally, this Living History Museum introduced younger students to subjects relevant to their history studies beyond their reading ability.

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2nd Grade Learns About Alaska


Ms. Leslie presented her many Alaskan experiences with second grade students. They learned to count to 10 as well as other words and phrases in the Inupiaq language. The children also learned how the local Inupiaq work and live. Ms. Leslie was able to show local craftsmanship, including clothes and trinkets made from local wildlife. The children were given first hand experiences trying on clothes and observing items made by the Inupiaq people.

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Community Members Visit Kindergarten


Recently, Dr. Mitchell and student Dr. Noah visited the kindergarten class to talk about what they do as doctors and working in the community. Students got a chance to ask them questions and listen to their heartbeat. Kindergarten sends a special thank you to both visitors!

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2nd Grade Fieldwork — Study Water Conservation at GMREC


On Tuesday, February 28th, second Grade visited The Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center for a water conservation program. Students were taught the importance of being a water conserver rather than a water waster. Students participated in hands-on and interactive activities where they learned about frog life cycles, water pollution and the affects on our waterways and animals as well as the water cycle. Students created a frog life cycle replica, saw the water cycle with an up close demonstration, participated in a water cycle play, made rain gauges, and participated in an interactive water pollution demonstration.  It was an amazing learning experience for everyone.

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2nd Grade Community Project — Humane Society


Second grade students recently raised awareness about and funds for our local animal shelter. The class educated the school about the community organization and asked for much needed donations for them. TLC was able to donate towels and blankets, dog and cat food, kitty litter, bleach and peanut butter. We also were able to raise $150!

The Humane Society was very appreciative and grateful for the help.

Thank you to all of you for your help, support and encouragement. Also, thank you to the students for their generosity.