2nd Grade Learns About Alaska


Ms. Leslie presented her many Alaskan experiences with second grade students. They learned to count to 10 as well as other words and phrases in the Inupiaq language. The children also learned how the local Inupiaq work and live. Ms. Leslie was able to show local craftsmanship, including clothes and trinkets made from local wildlife. The children were given first hand experiences trying on clothes and observing items made by the Inupiaq people.

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Community Members Visit Kindergarten


Recently, Dr. Mitchell and student Dr. Noah visited the kindergarten class to talk about what they do as doctors and working in the community. Students got a chance to ask them questions and listen to their heartbeat. Kindergarten sends a special thank you to both visitors!

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2nd Grade Fieldwork — Study Water Conservation at GMREC


On Tuesday, February 28th, second Grade visited The Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center for a water conservation program. Students were taught the importance of being a water conserver rather than a water waster. Students participated in hands-on and interactive activities where they learned about frog life cycles, water pollution and the affects on our waterways and animals as well as the water cycle. Students created a frog life cycle replica, saw the water cycle with an up close demonstration, participated in a water cycle play, made rain gauges, and participated in an interactive water pollution demonstration.  It was an amazing learning experience for everyone.

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2nd Grade Community Project — Humane Society


Second grade students recently raised awareness about and funds for our local animal shelter. The class educated the school about the community organization and asked for much needed donations for them. TLC was able to donate towels and blankets, dog and cat food, kitty litter, bleach and peanut butter. We also were able to raise $150!

The Humane Society was very appreciative and grateful for the help.

Thank you to all of you for your help, support and encouragement. Also, thank you to the students for their generosity.


Kindergarten Celebrates 100th Day of School


Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school. They created shirts with 100 items. They also had a 100 day STEM party where students participated in many different STEM activities with 100 items. The class extends a special thank you to parents for the snack donations and helping the children create their shirts.

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