2nd Grade Studies US Presidents

Second graders spent a week completing a cross curricular unit where they learned the history of US Presidents. Through the use of technology, literature and writing, students completed many activities learning about our presidents. The students completed a Lapbooks project to go along with their studies.

2nd Grade Has Gone to the Birds!


Second grade students worked on a “Birds” PBL (Project Based Learning) unit in which the children learned all about birds through literature, writing, interactive construction of birdhouses, and art. The students used texts and technology to research their favorite bird and write a bird report. The students presented their final projects during our School Maker’s Faire on March 9th.

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4th Grade — Making Animal Habitats and Environments


If you’ve been following along over the past several weeks here on the blog, then you’ve seen these fourth graders learning about animals and their habitats. You’ve seen them create imaginary animals and understand what their habitats would have to contain in order for them to survive. These photos are of these students now creating these habitats for their animals. This ongoing project has touched on studies in science, math, reading and social studies and has kept these students engaged in the learning process.

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3rd & 4th Grade Collaborative Literature Groups


Students in third and fourth grades are working together in Collaborative Literature Groups. Students picked from six different books from several different genres that all center around animals. They are learning about the many components of literature including plot, characterization, point of view, vocabulary, summarization, and main idea. These literature groups are allowing students to work with other grade levels and think in new ways.


3rd Grade — The Chocolate Touch


Last semester, students in third grade read the novel The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling. As a culminating activity, students were asked to choose a project to demonstrate their comprehension of the story. Projects ranged from 3D models, illustrated time lines, posters, and YouTube videos. The class finished the unit by cooking with chocolate.


1st Grade Studies Wompanoag Indian Tribe


Recently, students in first grade studied the Wompanoag Indians. As part of their studies they created vests. They dyed them with tea and decorated them with beads and symbols.  They tied their learning into math, reading, science, social studies and art.

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