More About Charter Schools Across the State

Image from National Charter School Resource Center. Visit to learn more.


Charter schools are public schools of choice that are authorized by the State Board of Education and operated by independent non-profit boards of directors. State and local tax dollars are the primary funding sources for charter schools, which have open enrollment and cannot discriminate in admissions, associate with any religion or religious group, or charge-tuition. Charter schools operate with freedom from many of the regulations that govern district schools, but charter schools are held accountable through the State assessment and accountability system.

Other interesting facts as of January 2019:

  1. 109,389 students are being served by 185 charter schools across North Carolina.
  2. That represents 7.3% of the total public school population.
  3. 50% are female and 50% are male.
  4. 35 applicants to open a charter school are currently being reviewed by Charter School Advisory Board.
  5. The number of charter school exceeding growth increased from 36 to 46 last year.

Visit the Office of Charter Schools to learn more about charter schools across North Carolina.

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