Middle School STEAM

[STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  On this day, Ms. Jamie had a group of mixed grade math students from 5th-8th grades.  Here is what Ms. Jamie had to say.]

Today in our math groups we were exploring area, perimeter, and circumference.  I had the students create their dream house.  We reviewed floor plans and why they are necessary and discussed how they were not drawn to scale.  Throughout those conversations we discussed what jobs would complete such tasks.  The dream house that they created had to have:

*9 rooms

*1 pool

*1 pond

*1 fence

*side walk

*1 garden

Plus students needed to figure:

How much land will be needed?

How much carpet/tiling will be needed?

How many walls will it have?

How much area will be needed to cover with grass seed?

How much wallpaper will be needed?

What will be planted in the garden?

What fraction of the total area does the house represent?


They used different objects around the room to trace to stand for various items in their yards, along with using rulers and others means of measuring.


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