Social Media and Kids

Do your young kids see you on Facebook and want to join too?  Mine do but Facebook isn’t a place for young children.  In fact, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prevents websites from collecting personal information about children who are under the age of 13 without their parents’ permission.  Lots of kids get around this by simply adjusting their birth date when they register.

Clearly kids want to use social media.

TLC! fifth through eighth grade language arts teacher, Ms. Christy, pointed me in the direction of five safe social networks for children and I think they are worth checking out.  It’s nice to know that now I can point my children in the direction of age appropriate social media networks.  (Remember, you can always click on highlighted text to take you directly there.  For example, you can click on COOPA above or any of the numbered sites below.)

1)  Togetherville

2)  What’s What

3)  ScuttlePad

4)  GiantHello

5)  Skid-e Kids

To read an article dedicated to these sites visit 5 Fun and Safe Social Networks for Kids and, of course, check out the sites yourself!

Thanks Ms. Christy!

Fun things to do online over break!

Getting kids to eat healthy just got easier with ZisBoomBah a fun kids meal planning website.

At, kids can create their own healthy menu by dragging and dropping foods from each of the recommended food groups onto their virtual plate and then send it with healthy recipes to their parents.

In the Pick Chow section, kids create their own virtual meal, get scored on its healthiness and then can email it to their parents  . . .  but how about you email it to Ms. Debby?!!  Maybe we could even run a contest and serve the winning menu for lunch one day!  Leave a comment here letting us know you’ve sent your recipe to Ms. Debby so that we can all start looking for it at lunch at TLC!

Contest Winner!

The winner of the two TLC shirts is comment #7 which belongs to Karen Ellis that said:

Thanks to all of you hard working teachers and staff that make a difference in each childs life. You have helped my son in reading and he is beginning to enjoy it now.
So thanks again. Great website by the way.

Congratulations Karen!  Stop by the front office after Christmas break to claim your prize.

A big thank you to all that stopped by, looked around and let your voice be heard.  Hope to see you again soon!

Social Studies in 3rd Grade

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For the month of December, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Nancy and the third grade class have been studying how different cultures celebrate the season.   First, the class lit a Menorah for Hanukkah.

Since one student lived in Japan for three years and shared her kimono and other trinkets with the class, it was a perfect opportunity to learn about Japan.

These kiddos also traveled to Italy to learn about La Befana.   To celebrate the children made their own pizzas,  cooked them in toaster ovens, and ate them for snack.

I surely don’t remember social studies being so much fun when I was in third grade.


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