3rd Quarter Golden Dumbbell Award

Excitement at the awards ceremony

The Golden Dumbbell at TLC! is awarded quarterly as part of our physical education program.  Research & Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Cheryl, explains it best:

The Golden Dumbbell is awarded to the class that has the highest percentage of students at the presidential level in five different events.  Presidential means that they have a level of fitness that is in the 85th percentile or higher in United States.  Third grade has 50% of the students at presidential level.   As a school we have 26% at presidential fitness level and the goal is 40%.


The third quarter Golden Dumbbell winners!

The third quarter Golden Dumbbell was awarded to the third grade class.  Yeah third graders!

TLC! Child Nutrition Survey

Won’t you please take a minute to complete a survey about the nutrition program here at TLC?

Click <<<HERE>>> to go directly to the online survey.

Also,  The Learning Center! child nutrition program has received the Award for Excellence from Child Nutrition Services, Department of Public Instruction.   The award is given annually to North Carolina child nutrition programs that demonstrate a commitment to excellence by completing specific requirements in various areas of operation such as customer service, management and nutrition education.


3rd grade visits Valley River Humane Society

Ms. Stephanie’s third grade class visited the Valley River Humane Society Animal Shelter last Tuesday as part of their social studies  curriculum.  They got to tour the facility, go behind the scenes to see how things work, ask questions and see the abundance of homeless animals from our area.  Many students brought dog/cat food, cleaning supplies, bedding and other items from the shelter’s wish list.

Social studies teacher Ms. Nancy planned the trip and was glad students got to see first hand the importance of having pets spayed or neutered.



6th Grade Geologists

Mining for gems

Sixth graders at TLC! are studying the characteristics of rocks, minerals and the uses of gems and minerals in science class.

Franklin, NC

Ms. Emily figured it was a perfect reason to take the class to explore rocks and minerals right in our own back yard of Brasstown, NC and Franklin, NC.

Looking for Fairy Crosses

When you see a TLC! sixth grader be sure to ask him about Fairy Crosses.  This mineral, called  staurolite, is usually found in a cross shape and has important myth-legend roots in our area.

Academics & the Arts 2011

Hands-on art fun as part of Academics & the Arts activities

Each spring TLC! celebrates all things related to academics and the arts in a two day event held on campus.  This event, aptly called Academics & the Arts was held May 5th and 6th and included an art show,  hands-on art, lunch time hand-bell concert from the Valley River Ringers, chorus concert at the Henn Theater, grades 2-5 writing contest and a Cherokee County Middle School writing contest.

Art adorning the walls in the Dining Commons as part of the 5th Annual TLC! Art Show
K-2 made fabric quilt squares that will be made into quilts and raffled off to raise money for the TLC! art program.


Students in 3-8 painted tiles to become part of a permanent art installation at TLC!


Best in Show
The Valley River Ringers hand-bell concert at lunch time.
At the Henn!


K-4 Chorus, Strings and Fusion perform the TLC! Spring Concert at the Henn Theater


Writing contest winners


More writing contest winners!

In today’s tough economy, art programs are often the first to be cut from school budgets.  Not true at The Learning Center.  TLC! Board of Directors and school Director Mary Jo Dyre are committed to maintaining all forms of art from musical, visual, culinary and performing arts at our school.  Our community benefits.  Our school benefits.  And, without a doubt, TLC! students benefit from this commitment.

Hurray for another successful Academics & the Arts!

Pacesetters Adventure Camp

team building games

Recently grades 5-8 have traveled to Pacesetters Adventure Camps to learn team building exercises with Ms. Shelley as part of our physical education program.


6th and 8th grade at Pacesetters Adventure Camp

Students spent their time playing games that required trust and teamwork.

Say their name fastest!


Trolley races!

They had a great time along the way as well!

River Walk Beautification Project

Students from The Learning Center got down and dirty on April 27th in an effort to beautify our community. Students worked with staff and volunteers from Hanging Dog Nursery to plant native shrubs and perennials along the newest portion of the River Walk. Staff from the nursery taught the students about the importance of native plants and how these plantings would not only make the new bridge area more attractive, they would stop erosion and provide habitat for wildlife. Twenty-two students worked for about an hour to place over two dozen plants.



Wrapping up the trip to NYC

Museum of Moving Images in Queens, NY

Our last day in NYC started out in Queens where we toured the Museum of Moving Images.

Amazingly tall buildings!

Then it was off to the 5th Avenue area for free time among iconic landmarks.

Iconic landmarks


More iconic landmarks


Rockerfeller Center

At Rockerfeller Center we toured NBC studios and saw where several popular television shows are filmed.  A few lucky students even got to be newscasters and weather forecasters for awhile.

Taking an unexpected change of plans in stride!

After the studio tour, we learned that the bus had broken down and that we were taking the subway to Chelsea for dinner.  Imagine!  Fifty-five people all boarding and exiting one subway car at the same time.  Whew!

A thrilling subway ride!

We managed to have a great time despite the unexpected change of plans.

This was our final day in New York City.  Friday morning we boarded our bus bright and early for the long drive back home to Murphy.  After spending three full days in the city that never sleeps, the bus was full of sleepy, tired folks.  We rolled back into The Learning Center! parking lot at 2am with a huge cheer of relief.

After all, there’s no place like home.

TLC Hits New York City Day 3

Day 3 in NYC began in Liberty Park for a clear view of the Statute of Liberty.

Liberty Park


Statute of Liberty


Ms. Shelley sure makes us strong in PE. So strong we can even hold the Statute of Liberty in the palm of our hand!


Next we boarded the bus and headed into Chinatown.


Where we found exotic fruits . . .

Exotic fruits sold on the streets of Chinatown

and other curious things.

Other exotic things found in Chinatown

Including a Samurai warrior that was wearing a TLC t-shirt!

TLC Samurai!

Next it was off to the South Sea Port.

South Seaport

And a walking tour of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

New York Stock Exchange


The bull on Wall Street


Other curious things found in the Financial District

For dinner we headed to Little Italy.

Dinner in Little Italy at La Mela


A Polar Bear in Little Italy??

We capped our day off by a trip to the Empire State Building . . .

Empire State Building Lobby

and a gorgeous view of the city at night.

View from atop the Empire State Building

TLC Hits New York City Days 1 & 2

Natural Bridge, Virginia

Day one of the trip meant meeting at The Learning Center! to board the bus at 5:30am.  Once loaded we headed out and stopped for a few hours at the Natural Bridge in Virginia.  This naturally created land form was both awe inspiring and beautiful.

After 19 hours on the road, we arrived in Elizabeth, NJ a bit before 2am.  We’d have to wait until morning to get our first glimpse of the city.


First experience in NYC!

First stop?  The Cathedral of Saint John in Upper Manhattan.  Stunning!

Cathedral of St. John, Upper Manhattan, NYC
The gothic architechture was amazing!
The whole crew before heading to our next location.

Next was a stop at the Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant along the Hudson River.

The Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant along the Hudson River
Just chilling.

A quick (relatively speaking since driving anywhere in NYC doesn’t happen quickly) trip through Harlem on our way to the Natural History Museum.

Drive through Harlem.

Headed out on foot to Times Square

You could feel the excitement among the students as we headed out to Times Square.  Okay.  Okay.  Yes, the adults in the group were equally excited.

Times Square!

Yes there really are that many people EVERYWHERE in New York City!

Dinner at Planet Hollywood

A nice welcome from Planet Hollywood.

After dinner we saw Wonderland in the Marquis Theater.

After dinner it was on to see the Broadway musical Wonderland.  It was incredible!

Tomorrow I’ll share day 3.