Annual Mum Sale now through Sept 12

The Learning Center charter school has long been known for selling beautiful mums each fall to the community.  It’s that time of year again!

Locally grown by Robert Gouglar of Sunshine Mountain Farms, the mums are larger and longer-lasting than what local chain stores are selling them for. They cost $12 each and come in a gallon sized terra cotta colored pot. Brilliant colors of red, white, orange yellow and pink/purple are available.

The annual mum sale is coordinated by the school’s parent group, Parents Involved. The group uses the proceeds from the sale to purchase school supplies for the school.

The mum sale runs through September 12th and buyers then pick up their mums on September 18th or 19th from 2:30-5:30 at The Outdoor Learning Center on the school’s campus at 945 Conaheetta St. in Murphy. Look for directional signs on mum pick up days.

To buy a mum, call the school at 835-7240 or purchase directly from a school student.

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