4th Grade – Science in the Spring Garden

Fourth grade students helped prepare the spring garden as part of science lessons. Students studied the rock and mineral cycle and learned and observed how that relates to soil quality. There is so much to learn in the garden!

4th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Carrie knows that her students love challenging games and always engage more deeply with a subject if they are having fun while doing so. That is why she created an “escape room” challenge activity for her students to learn more about the Civil War. This “escape room” also happened to be glow in the dark!

School Maker Faire Concludes Next Week

Are you sharing your projects with us via Facebook? We sure hope so! Remember to tag us using BOTH @TLCGrowZonePage AND @TLCSchoolMakerFaire. Don’t forget to check our page on March 17th to see all the projects and give encouraging shout-outs to all our Makers!

Meet Our Teachers – Kim Rhodes

Here is what Ms. Kim had to say:

My name is Kim Rhodes and I teach reading and math intervention at The Learning Center. My job is really fun because I get to work with all grade levels in a small group setting. This allows me to really get to know the students on a more personal level and see them grow in their learning.  I was born and raised in Murphy, NC. I graduated from Western Carolina University in 2011 and then moved away in 2012 as my husband pursued a career in the United States Marine Corps. We returned to Murphy in 2019 and I was so excited to join the TLC Family. My husband Isaac and I have 3 boys; Tatum age 7, Camden age 2, and Kai who is 7 months. It can get a little crazy at our house with 3 boys, two dogs and a leopard gecko, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! A fun fact about me is that I love sea turtles. I have gotten to see several sea turtles graduate from a rescue and rehabilitation center after being severely injured, and swim back into the ocean. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

Special AIG Class Offering

The class “Patterns, Puzzles, and Play” gives students the tools for deeper and more critical thinking. Learners will both see and implement patterns by observing nature’s designs and creating geometric art. Students will do interactive logic puzzles to encourage critical thinking and problem solving. And finally, students will engage in games and movement encouraging a holistic approach to mathematical thinking. We want our students to both appreciate the beauty of the world and be able to participate in thoughtful problem solving. 

Reminder: School Maker Faire Now through March 17th

This is a reminder that our 6th Annual School Maker Faire is going on now through March 17th via our Facebook page. Anyone that wants to participate is welcome! Share your project and tag us using BOTH @TLCGrowZonePage AND #TLCSchoolMakerFaire. Then be sure to stop by on March 17th to view all the projects and share encouraging words with our fellow makers. W cannot wait to see how YOU help us make this online School Maker Faire a success!

Amazon Future Engineer Program

Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, The Learning Center Charter School will be participating in the Amazon Future Engineer Program. This program provides resources and support to teachers and students in the field of computer science.

Our middle school students will be introduced to the basics of computer science including Scratch coding language. In the first year of the three year program, students will be exposed to a variety of technological resources.

Using the curriculum provided through the partnership and our existing resources, students will learn the basics of computer science, practice using Scratch, explore robotics with Ozobots, and develop their understanding of technological concepts including vocabulary. 

The program will continue to expand in second year with exploring Artificial Intelligence using Scratch and App Inventor and in year three with computer science by means of using Creative Media and Python.

This partnership will help students develop skills and include experiences like virtual visits with an Amazon engineer, field trips to an Amazon facility, and ongoing opportunities for real-world experiences.

This awesome partnership is going to help our students be prepared to engage in higher-level computer science courses at the high school and college levels.