Special AIG Class Offering

The class “Patterns, Puzzles, and Play” gives students the tools for deeper and more critical thinking. Learners will both see and implement patterns by observing nature’s designs and creating geometric art. Students will do interactive logic puzzles to encourage critical thinking and problem solving. And finally, students will engage in games and movement encouraging a holistic approach to mathematical thinking. We want our students to both appreciate the beauty of the world and be able to participate in thoughtful problem solving. 

Reminder: School Maker Faire Now through March 17th

This is a reminder that our 6th Annual School Maker Faire is going on now through March 17th via our Facebook page. Anyone that wants to participate is welcome! Share your project and tag us using BOTH @TLCGrowZonePage AND #TLCSchoolMakerFaire. Then be sure to stop by on March 17th to view all the projects and share encouraging words with our fellow makers. W cannot wait to see how YOU help us make this online School Maker Faire a success!

First Graders Use Nature and E-STEAM to Celebrate Holidays

First grade students at The Learning Center Charter School used nature, reading lessons, and E-STEAM to make holiday ornaments as part of their studies leading up to Christmas break.

E-STEAM stands for entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and agriculture, and math.

The students read books as a class and independently on winter and winter animals for days leading up to the project.  Students then collected berries, leaves, moss, and flowers from the school’s Outdoor Learning Center.  While foraging for these supplies, students learned which plants and berries stay alive during winter and what characteristics they have that allow them to do so. They also learned which animals eat berries and use moss and leaves for nests.

First grade teacher Katie Grider said, “Each school day we spend as much time as possible outside and finding ways to teach lessons and engage students in hands-on learning outside the four walls of our classroom is key to a deeper understanding of the subject matter.”

Grider added that not only does being outdoors encourage physical activity, fitness, and health, but it also provides a living laboratory for students to explore, experiment, interact and collaborate.

After collecting the items from outdoors, students made ornaments by filling cups with the items and water and allowing them to freeze. The ornaments were then hung on a tree on campus.

2nd Grade Studies Lakota Sioux Tribe

Second grade students studied the Lakota Sioux Tribe both as part of social studies and Native American Heritage month in November. Students made Teepee Treats to celebrate all they learned about the tribe.

One of the most important things students learned about the tribe was that they were nomadic and lived in Teepees, which were easy to put up and take down.

Virtual Talent Showcase Live Streaming Tomorrow, Dec 10th

You’re invited to be part of the Jackie Ward Foundation Virtual Talent Showcase that will be live streaming on the Jackie Ward Foundation Facebook page tomorrow, December 10, 2020 at 6:30 pm. This awesome cultural event will feature talents from students across our community. See you there!

Annual Makers Mash

Each Halloween students at The Learning Center Charter School participate in the school’s annual Makers Mash. Students make decorated or carved pumpkins and create “monsters” from up cycled materials. Judges are always on hand to pick winners in a wide variety of categories and award prizes.

“Our Makers Mash is a natural extension of the Maker spirit on our campus,” said Ryan Bender, head of school.  Bender explained that the school emphasizes an E-STEAM environment and teaches students that the science, math, and technology skills that are essential for modern life are deeply integrated within the activities of entrepreneurship and agriculture, as well as language, music, and visual arts.

E-STEAM stands for entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, agriculture and arts, and math.

“Our philosophy of education is built upon the idea that young learners need to be exposed to a broad array of rich learning experiences. Our Makers Mash event allows students to celebrate the holiday and learn, design, build, and create cool things as they do so,” added Bender.

The school became a certified OWL Academy earlier this year. OWL stands for Open Way Learning and the designation is only extended to schools that have shown dedication toward building a culture of innovation through collective leadership, systemic collaboration, open sharing, and a willingness to adopt and sustain innovative teaching and learning practices.

“Everything we do at The Learning Center from garden based learning, art education, an emphasis on health and wellness, E-STEAM, project based learning, experiential outdoor education, and more falls squarely under the Open Way Learning umbrella,” said Bender.  “Our Monster Maker event is just one example!”