Making Math Fun

Upper grade students have been studying statistics and probability in math class and Ms. Chris knew it was time for students to generate some of their own data.  Using Barbie dolls and rubber bands for bungee cords,  they “jumped” the Barbies using different lengths of rubber band chains.  Students then measured the distance each Barbie fell.  Using the data they collected, students were then able to find statistics about the jumping Barbies as well as study the probability of certain outcomes.




4th Grade STEAM Project #2

Fourth graders have embraced the STEAM concept fully and look to turn any project into a STEAM project.  Recently they worked on making three and four sided figures using pattern blocks.  They had to use at least two shapes for each of their polygons.  Several students were working on their three sided figures and realized that they could keep adding shapes to make the figure bigger.  The kids got so excited when one student made a nineteen piece triangle, and the competition was on!

Next thing we knew, we had 26, 30, 32, 46….up to a 71-piece triangle! Two students started making the longest quadrilaterals out of triangles and rhombuses, then others moved on to making a quadrilateral out of rhombus shapes and had to stop at 107 pieces!




Kindergarten Celebrates 100 Days of School

Ten girls have ten fingers = 100 fingers!

One the 100th day of school, teachers in Kindergarten took the opportunity to do lots of fun activities with the number 100!

They made a 100 day necklace out of cereal,  stamped 10 stamps on 10 strips of paper and made a 100th day hat, counted out 10 different food items and made a 100 day snack, each child brought in 100 items to share with the class like 100 items of pirate treasure, 100 noodles, 100 brown beads, 100 paper clips, or even 100 pennies.




Building Quadrilaterals


Recently sixth graders explored how to create quadrilaterals with polystrips.  They played around with these strips of paper in attempts to learn what side lengths would create a quadrilateral.  Throughout the process, they learned that the sum of three sides needs to be larger than the fourth side that was not added in order to yield a quadrilateral.

Raise your hand if you love to see kids learning real life math by hands on discovery?!?



5th Grade Math Fun

Fifth grade math students were recently learning about volume.  They created a cubic foot and a cubic meter to better understand proper units of measuring volume.  They were then able to use this information to find the volume of their classroom. 

Sometimes to learn math you have to step away from the book and into a hands on activity.  Way to go 5th graders!