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Many of our upper grades students traveled to the beaches of North Carolina.  The students who stayed at home also went to the waterfront, but the water was not the ocean but the rivers and lakes of Cherokee County.  Students spent a day studying the water chemistry and benthic invertebrates of the Valley and Hiwassee Rivers.  They studied a bit of history about the TVA and traveled to Hiwassee Dam. Ms. Julie helped all the students and teachers to make face mugs on a rainy morning.  They learned about riparian areas along the Valley and Hiwassee Rivers, and learned some of the invasive species that can be seen on the Riverwalk.  The Hiwassee Valley Wellness Center has some fun water: the swimming pool.  They wrapped up the week with a day of fishing, floating and swimming at Fires Creek.





2 - at Fires creek





[Second graders have been studying communities in social studies.  Ms. Stephanie sent these photos and explains what they’ve been up to below.]

We just finished up a community unit in Social Studies and the children worked with a partner to map out and then build their own communities using empty cartons, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, etc.

During the unit, we looked at several things: Urban, Suburban, and Rural communities What communities need- fire departments, police stations, library, grocery store, etc. Community Helpers Transportation Citizens’ rights and responsibilities

On September 27th, we’re going to visit City Hall and Mayor Hughes is going to talk with the children and on October 10th, we’re going to the Fire Station.

Charter School News From the National Alliance

The Learning Center Charter School’s sole intent is to provide our school community with information about what is happening politically in our state regarding charter school law.  We solely seek to inform.

Dear Dana

Hurry Up and Wait.

That’s the phrase that keeps coming to mind as I think about the North Carolina legislature’s effort this year to strengthen the state’s charter school law.

We’ve waited long enough. It’s time for action.

In February, thanks to your efforts, the Senate voted to lift the state’s cap on charters, narrow the funding gap between charter and traditional public schools, and establish a new path to getting charter applications approved in the state.

In an effort to avoid a threatened veto by the Governor, the House passed an amended version of SB 8 on April 11.  Despite those efforts to address her concerns, Governor Perdue has not come to the table and pledged her support for a measure that would strengthen the state’s charter school law.  Instead, SB 8 has languished in a conference committee for six weeks.

Governor Perdue won’t act unless she hears from the public charter school community that it’s time for her step up and back efforts to improve the state’s charter school law.  Tell her today.

Time is running short in this year’s legislative session.  We can’t let Governor Perdue run out the clock.

I urge you to contact her today and ask her to support efforts to enhance the state’s charter school law.

Thanks for your support.


Todd Ziebarth
Vice President for State Advocacy and Support
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


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(202) 289-2700

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TLC Hits New York City Day 3

Day 3 in NYC began in Liberty Park for a clear view of the Statute of Liberty.

Liberty Park


Statute of Liberty


Ms. Shelley sure makes us strong in PE. So strong we can even hold the Statute of Liberty in the palm of our hand!


Next we boarded the bus and headed into Chinatown.


Where we found exotic fruits . . .

Exotic fruits sold on the streets of Chinatown

and other curious things.

Other exotic things found in Chinatown

Including a Samurai warrior that was wearing a TLC t-shirt!

TLC Samurai!

Next it was off to the South Sea Port.

South Seaport

And a walking tour of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

New York Stock Exchange


The bull on Wall Street


Other curious things found in the Financial District

For dinner we headed to Little Italy.

Dinner in Little Italy at La Mela


A Polar Bear in Little Italy??

We capped our day off by a trip to the Empire State Building . . .

Empire State Building Lobby

and a gorgeous view of the city at night.

View from atop the Empire State Building

TLC Hits New York City Days 1 & 2

Natural Bridge, Virginia

Day one of the trip meant meeting at The Learning Center! to board the bus at 5:30am.  Once loaded we headed out and stopped for a few hours at the Natural Bridge in Virginia.  This naturally created land form was both awe inspiring and beautiful.

After 19 hours on the road, we arrived in Elizabeth, NJ a bit before 2am.  We’d have to wait until morning to get our first glimpse of the city.


First experience in NYC!

First stop?  The Cathedral of Saint John in Upper Manhattan.  Stunning!

Cathedral of St. John, Upper Manhattan, NYC
The gothic architechture was amazing!
The whole crew before heading to our next location.

Next was a stop at the Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant along the Hudson River.

The Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant along the Hudson River
Just chilling.

A quick (relatively speaking since driving anywhere in NYC doesn’t happen quickly) trip through Harlem on our way to the Natural History Museum.

Drive through Harlem.

Headed out on foot to Times Square

You could feel the excitement among the students as we headed out to Times Square.  Okay.  Okay.  Yes, the adults in the group were equally excited.

Times Square!

Yes there really are that many people EVERYWHERE in New York City!

Dinner at Planet Hollywood

A nice welcome from Planet Hollywood.

After dinner we saw Wonderland in the Marquis Theater.

After dinner it was on to see the Broadway musical Wonderland.  It was incredible!

Tomorrow I’ll share day 3.