Scenes from Academics & the Arts Week

Special guest and resident artist of the Cherokee County Arts Council, Jeff Menzer is on campus all week working with various grades and creating "Sensational Snakes!"
5th graders also working on "Sensational Snakes" with Resident Artist Jeff Menzer.

Amanda Kanack with the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition working with 7th graders on aquatic animals and creek ecology as part of Academics & the Arts Week.

Outdoor art project in The Outdoor Learning Center.
Take a stroll through The Dining Commons to see the wonderful student art on display this week!

And don’t forget the spring chorus concert this Thursday at 6:30 at The Henn Theater!  See you all there!



Award Winning Clay Artist Visits TLC!

Award winning clay artist and local resident Mike Lalone visited The Learning Center! recently and spent the day showcasing his work and craft to students and staff.  He demonstrated how he makes pots, bowls and other figures on his potters wheel as well as teaching students specialized vocabulary used in his craft.

Mr. Lalone’s work has been featured in galleries across the southeastern United States and he has been honored with numerous awards.  Click <<<HERE>>> to view a full resume.

Thank you Mr. Lalone!  The sharing of your talent and craft benefit our students and enrich their exposure to fine art.

Award Winning Author Gloria Houston Visits TLC!

Fourth graders at TLC received a special visit from award winning author Gloria Houston today.

Gloria Houston is the author of numerous books for children, including My Great-Aunt Arizona, illustrated by Susan Condie Lamb, which was a Smithsonian Treasure, a Family Channel’s Best Book, an IRA Teachers’ and Children’s Choices book, and an NCTE Best Book, among other honors. She also wrote The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree, illustrated by Barbara Cooney, which was an annual Publishers Weekly Bestseller and was named a Best Book of the Decade by the American Library Association.

Fourth graders recently completed Gloria Houston’s book Littlejim and were lucky enough to have several hours of Ms. Houston’s time to ask questions, hear real life stories, see photographs and be inspired by all that she has written.  What an amazing opportunity for these kids!

All of us at TLC! thank Gloria Houston for the generosity of her spirit and time.

Be sure to click <<<HERE>>> to read Ms. Houston’s full biography.  Prepare to be amazed and thoroughly impressed!

4th Grade Treated to Cherokee History and Culture

On January 17, 2012 professor at Tri- County Community College, Billy Ray Palmer, visited the fourth grade class and spoke about Cherokee history and culture. He recounted several Cherokee legends, showed his arrowhead and spearhead collection, and talked about the Seven Clans, hunting and matrilineal culture. He was very informative, a good storyteller, and the students enjoyed adding this rich dimension to their social studies of the Cherokee.

Visitors on campus

TLC! was happy to host North Carolina Senator John Snow and House Representative Roger West on our campus Friday, September 17, 2010.   Senate hopeful Jim Davis visited the day before.

These state legislators were invited to tour our school and be reminded of all the great things we are doing for our students and our community.  Mary Jo Dyre, Karen Brinke and myself presented numbers and successes to the candidates and communicated the value of choice in education.  We also clearly relayed our hopes for positive legislation concerning charter schools.

It was a pleasure to have each of them visit.