Welcome to TLC Grow Zone!

Da-Da-Daaaahhhh!  Cue the drum roll!

Welcome to TLC Grow Zone!  So glad you are here!

TLC Grow Zone has been in process and being worked on behind the scenes for months.  Today it is introduced to our students, parents and community and I feel like I need to insert a marching band scrolling across the screen.  Or perhaps confetti tumbling continuously down your monitor.


Because you are the reason to dream up, plan, create and maintain TLC Grow Zone in the first place!  It is here that you can find out exactly what is going on at The Learning Center! Charter School.  You can view photos and videos.  You can read about what we have done and what we are planning.  You can get information about events.  And most importantly, you can become part of the discussion!

Let me show you around a bit.

First of all, see those icons in the upper right hand column?  When you click on one, it takes you to that place.  TLC Grow Zone is this blog and so much more.  It is also YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and Flickr.  These social media tools provide new methods to communicate among teachers, students, parents and community.  So, go ahead and click on some of those icons . . . I’ll wait for you.

Cool right?!?  Now check this out.

At the bottom of every blog entry (called a blog post) is a place to read comments and leave comments.  Make it a practice to read these comments and to leave your own.  You can ask questions, offer insight and make suggestions here.  Be part of the dialogue!

Finally, any time there is highlighted text, click on it to go directly to a site that has more information or may be helpful in learning more about the blogged topic.

See?  TLC Grow Zone is a wealth of useful information and will become a hub for discussion.  It is a living, breathing place to connect.  A one-stop-shop to connect with students, teachers, parents and the community.

So, look around.  Stay awhile.  Comment.

Yes, definitely comment.

I am so glad you are here!