Inventor Camp 2016


In June, area students in 6th – 12th grades converged on our campus to be part of Inventor Camp 2016.


The brain child of Table Top Inventing, Inventor Camp operates on the premise that teens are explorers, tinkerers, innovators, and deep thinkers. The Table Top Inventing approach is to encourage Maker Learning. Maker Learning puts kids squarely in charge of their own education by providing an environment where growth naturally occurs through the process of “hard fun”. Working with their hands, hearts, and heads, students collaborate and learn with each other to solve challenging problems.


During Inventor Camp 2016 students used 3-D design software,  3-D printers, robotics, and Arduino Electronics (an open-sourse platform for building electronics projects) on a mission based on the popular blockbuster movie, “The Martian.”


Steve Kurti, self-proclaimed “Chief Maker and Mad Scientist,” holds a PhD in physics and has an undergraduate minor in education. Together with his wife, Debby, who has a Masters degree in Educational Technology, make a dynamic team committed to creating interesting learning activities focused on the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

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All the student inventors in attendance took the concepts of “Maker Learning” and “hard fun” to a new level and had a absolute blast!

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