Meet Our Teachers – Katie Grider

This is what First Grade teacher, Katie Grider, had to say:

Hello, my name is Katie Grider. I am living my dream of being a first grade teacher each and every day! Ever since I was six years old and in the first grade, I wanted to be a first grade teacher. My teacher at the time, Mrs.Black, greatly inspired my love for learning and children. I want to inspire, love, and encourage all of my students, just as she did for me.

I have been teaching at The Learning Center for four years and absolutely love it! Each year that I have taught has been in the first grade.

I am also a mama of an amazing 6 year old named Scarlett. She is my best friend and my ray of sunshine. I love seeing the world through her and all my students eyes! They teach me as much as I teach them.

I look forward to many more fantastic years of being a teacher! 

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