Day of Service for 9/11 Remembrance

At 8:10am on the morning of September 11, 2019, students and teachers at The Learning Center Charter School gathered in front of the school to remember and pay tribute to the victims of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.  After observing a moment of silence, the students mobilized into groups and performed acts of kindness and service across campus and the community.

This was the ninth year in a row the school has performed community service as a means to honor the lives lost on 9/11.

Students fanned out across the campus and community with a spirit of helpfulness.  Some picked up litter along the River Walk while others scoured Conahetta Park for trash and debris.  The Fifth Grade class volunteered at Nantahala Regional Library where they cleaned and organized books.

 “Our annual day of service not only honors those victims, but develops the character of our students as well,” said Ryan Bender, head of school in training at the charter school.  “Children’s television host Fred Rogers famously said that when he was a boy and saw scary things in the news, his mother would tell him to ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’  Our annual day of service instills in these kids to become those helpers.”

Bender added that in addition to the day of service activities, teachers use the day to encourage dialogue and education in the classroom to this young generation of students who weren’t alive during the 2001 terror attacks.  “Our goal is to ensure that these students understand this day and its significance to our history.”

First graders picked up litter in The Outdoor Learning Center and then made this poster with the trash they collected.

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National School Lunch Week Oct 14th – 18th

Did you know that the week of October 14-18th is National School Lunch Week? It is!

To celebrate, our nutrition staff is planning a week of “cultural tastings”.  New foods and recipes will be introduced to students from around the world. Some of these new items will become regular features on our breakfast and lunch menus as well.

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2nd Grade Explores Math

Second grade students at The Learning Center Charter School have wasted no time getting familiar with the math tools that they will be using throughout the new school year in Guided Math.

Guided Math is the approach the kindergarten through fifth grade classes take each day to math.  Class begins with a math warm up and is soon followed by a whole group mini lesson which focuses on a specific math standard.  After that, students work in smaller groups following a rotation schedule according to STACK.  STACK stands for 1) Small groups with the teacher, 2) Technology, 3) Apply what they have learned, 4) Create using critical thinking skills through math journaling, and 5) Kinesthetic, or in other words, hands-on games and activities.

Stephanie Hopper, second grade teacher at the school, said “Our Guided Math approach allows students to experience direct instruction as well as student-centered activities and hands-on learning.”  Hopped added that she is able to work with small groups of students to further enhance the direct instruction and work closely with those who are both struggling and those who are ready to be further challenged.

“After the daily rotation is complete, the class comes back together as a whole and reflects on the lessons of the day,” said Hopper.  “Guided Math allows me to monitor each individual student and provide differentiated instruction. It’s a win-win learning experience!”

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Why Our Students Compost Food in Our Dining Commons

What is compost?

Compost is decayed organic matter.  The organic matter can be anything from leaves, cut grass, egg shells to banana peels. When lots of organic matter is mixed together in a pile and left to decompose, you are left with a nutrient rich fertilizer that helps gardens grow.

Did you know that food waste makes up 30-40% of the waste stream?!  We are composting at The Learning Center to help save valuable landfill space and reduce the pollution associated with hauling heavy food waste.

Each year students are taught to add their discarded foods to the compost bucket located near the trash can instead of throwing it away. Each day, all the food from that bucket is added to the school compost pile located near the basketball goals in the front parking lot.  That compost pile is maintained by Ms. Emily and the resulting compost is used in the gardens around campus and the greenhouse year round.

6th-8th Grade CREW “Sorting” Ceremony

Sixth through eighth grade students at The Learning Center Charter School are divided into four multi-grade CREW groups at the beginning of each school year.  This year the process mimicked the sorting ceremony from the popular Harry Potter book series.

The CREW selection process was like the Harry Potter sorting ceremony where each student wore the hat and it was revealed to them which CREW had been selected for them.

Each CREW meets weekly throughout the school year and are designed to build relationships and a sense of community.  CREW allows students to have a safe place with peers to share both triumphs and defeats.  CREW encourages peer facilitations wherein students take active leadership roles and teachers serve as moderators rather than leaders of the groups.

Ms. Jessie said, “Our CREW concept is based on the idea that we are all in the same boat.  We work together like a crew of a ship.”

After the sorting ceremony, each CREW participated in get-to-know-you icebreaker games.  As the school year progresses, each group will work on goal setting, community service and social development.


Scenes from Our Annual Parent Fair

The annual Parent Fair was held August 22, 2019 from 2:00-6:00 pm and served as way to inform and to provide parents of enrolled students with all of the “start-up” details for the upcoming school year. It also provided an opportunity for parents and the community to explore the full range of Learning Center offerings.

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It’s Not Too Late to Become a Bear Cub Clogger

In conjunction with John C. Campbell Folk School, clogging classes are offered to our students on Tuesdays and Thursdays in September on our campus.

The fall clogging class session is a total of 10 classes and costs $20 (that’s only $2 a session!)

Any kindergarten through eighth grade student may sign up.  Please note that if the student is in kindergarten or first grade, they must have a sibling or adult present with them at practice.

Students will learn basic clogging steps and routines. They will have performance opportunities around our local community.

Students should have a leather soled shoe, tap, or clogging shoes.

Want to know more?  Click or tap here to send Ms. Monica an email and to reserve a space for your child. 

6th-8th Grade Fall Camping Trip Sept. 23-25th

6th - 8th Fall Camping Trip

It’s time for our annual 6th-8th grade fall camping trip. Students and staff will be camping September 23-25, 2019 at Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC.

Activities will be supervised by Camp Kanuga staff and include ecology lessons, canoeing, high ropes and climbing courses. There will also be a night hike, Appalachian culture activities and campfires.

Students will stay in winterized cabins and all meals will be provided by Camp Kanuga staff.

This highly anticipated event is a highlight of the school year for our 6th through 8th grade students!

Head of School Under the Tent Thursday, Sept 12th

Head of School Under the Tent Set for Sept 12th

Several times a year, our Director — and in this case our Head of School in Training — sets up a tent in the front parking lot and makes himself available all day.  Use this time to get information, ask questions and chat with Mr. Ryan about The Learning Center Charter School.  This casual setting is the perfect opportunity to find out about programs on campus, volunteer your time or talent, and ask questions that have cropped up since school began.

Mr. Ryan will see you Thursday, September 12th any time during regular school hours.

Kindness in the Classroom

Keep an eye out for these bear paws popping up all over campus. . . maybe even in your child’s backpack!

What are they? They are part of a new program we are kicking off this year at The Learning Center called Kindness in the Classroom.  On the reverse side of each paw print, you’ll find the following:

Teachers and staff are implementing a Kindness in the Classroom program that addresses and teaches important life skills such as assertiveness, caring, compassion, fairness, gratitude, integrity, helpfulness, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-care and self-discipline. These concepts are presented in ways that are differentiated for each grade to account for students’ developmental levels.

This will be an on-going campaign.

Be sure to ask your student about what they are learning!